Good Design has the Power to Inspire.

We create strategic, functional and vibrant spaces to support our client's goals.


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We are a Vancouver, BC based commercial Interior Design studio with extensive experience designing workplace, retail and hospitality interiors.


design for wellness

We are committed to creating sustainable spaces where people feel great.  Designing environments that enhance health and well-being is our passion.

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To compliment our commercial practice, we undertake a select number of home renovation projects in partnership with local craftsmen. 

There's more to design than aesthetics.

It's an essential part of every business strategy.


Stem Interior Design knows that a well-designed interior makes good business sense. We use our interior design knowledge to create workplace, retail, hospitality, and wellness interiors to serve our clients’ business goals. Our work is based on function, needs, and creative thinking—whether we’re re-inventing an existing space or building an entirely new environment. We design the space you need so your customers and employees can have the experience you want.


“Every detail was well thought out. They’ve done innovative things we haven’t seen.”
— IDIBC Judging Panel