What we can do for you

There’s more to interior design than esthetics. It’s an essential part of every successful business strategy. We help build an environment where your business can thrive and where your brand is experienced on more than just a visual level.


By getting to know your organization and by learning what makes it tick, we understand your business objectives. Through thoughtful planning, we improve the functionality and efficiency of your daily operations and create a space that embodies your company’s culture and brand.

Our spaces are designed with purpose in mind, whether you want to improve idea sharing and collaboration, promote healing and relaxation, or encourage customers to spend more time and money.

We bring creative solutions to every design problem and look for innovative ways for you to run your business through the best use of space, while making sure you stand apart from your competition. We are committed to creativity and excellence while keeping budget in mind.

We collaborate with you to create memorable environments where your staff is motivated and happy. This results in increased client engagement and employee retention, which benefits your bottom line.

Our Green Commitment

Stem Interior Design is committed to creating sustainable spaces where people feel great. Principal Designer Tamara Naleway is LEED* accredited in commercial interiors. We aim for sensitivity to the environment on every project and healthy environments with access to daylight, exterior views and clean indoor air, where possible. We reuse existing building components instead of demolishing whenever possible and source local materials to reduce the carbon footprint of our work.


Tamara Naleway

Tamara Naleway earned her Bachelor of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba before a new opportunity brought her west to Vancouver. It wasn’t long before she realized she wanted to merge her design skills with her passion for business.

She comes by her entrepreneurial spirit honestly. Her grandmother opened her own restaurant in Winnipeg in the 1940s—a time when most women were homemakers—before turning it into the largest catering company in the city and, ultimately, a key player in Canada’s frozen food industry.


With her family’s Prairie work ethic of dependability, hard work, and strong values to guide her, Tamara opened her own business, Stem Interior Design, in 2006. Since then, she’s helped clients in a variety of industries, including health care, education, retail, and hospitality, grow their business through thoughtfully designed spaces.

As a LEED-accredited professional, Tamara is well versed in green building practices for commercial interiors. She is also certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and is a registered professional member of the Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia (RID) and Interior Designers of Canada.

Tamara continues to find inspiration for her work through travel, most recently through trade missions to India, Brazil and Chile.